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"At a time when I SOOOOO needed to be seeing someone, Katerina was like a Godsend.  And honestly, I think of all the therapists I’ve seen over the years since back in the early 90s, in many ways the work with her was most enjoyable and beneficial to me.  I don’t know that I made any big changes, exactly.  But I know I needed the grounding and always felt much better and somehow a bit relieved after leaving our sessions.  I truly do think she has a gift for this type of work."

                                                                              - M.C.

"Katerina is a very attentive listener and is skilled at asking questions that help you to think more clearly about your situation and examine your own thinking. I've really benefitted from talking through some burnout and culture-clash difficulties at work with her."

                                                                              - J.M.

"I highly recommend folks check this out for a unique approach to looking at life situations. Katerina is very present and not “surfacey”. One feels very supported and safe with her in vulnerable moments."

                                                                              - J.H.

"To find a counselor that you relate to first of all, and then to trust, is indeed a pursuit in and of itself. 

I was fortunate to find Katerina and she checked all the boxes for me. 

We spent several months working together and her approach is calming, empathetic and insightful. We worked through many issues from anxiety to sadness and I found Katerina to be of great help.

If you are in need of help and someone to talk with – I highly recommend Katerina."                                             

                                                                               - L.B.

"I was fortunate enough to participate in a group discussion forum with Katerina which just ended last month.

Each week we would discuss one pillar of an 8-part series on personal growth. The culmination of the series ruminated on aspects of living an Intentional Life.

What I most appreciated was the level of conversation and deep probing on the topic at hand.  We could be considering a focused thought or viewpoint and then start drilling down on a topic that at first seemed orthogonal to the original but then proved to be applicable nonetheless.

Katerina had a rare style of moderating bringing empathy, focus and creativity to our dialogues.

Highly recommend to anyone looking to explore a satisfying, intellectual journey."                                            

                                                                               - Robert P.


"Katerina Apostolides is a great teacher and thought-leader around the role of self and the world today. The course I paid for was well worth the money invested. Over the four sessions that I worked with her and her group I learned a great deal about myself and she instilled confidence in me.  This is what the world most needs: Confidence in everything. Confidence in our ability to get things done. Confidence in our ideas. Confidence in our virtues. Confidence in our art. Confidence in our narrative."                                                                                                                                     - J. W. D.

"I’ve spent a fair amount of time seeing therapists and counselors over the years, but I often felt that they were not contributing much to our conversations. In my sessions with Katerina over the past few months, I’ve really felt like she has been willing and able to get engaged and bring fresh perspectives to the table. She is a perceptive listener. She draws connections easily and sees big-picture patterns in your life that can be hard to see when you are living inside of them. She asks questions that help you start to see those patterns for the first time. She is also a curious personality who is always thinking about different outlooks, and soaking up wisdom from different sources in her own life. (I especially like the philosophical thought-experiments she sometimes brings up — they are good exercises for opening up thinking about your life!) She has a very open-minded and non-judgmental way of asking about 'the way things are' in the world, or in my life, and thinking it through with me. I never feel like she is trying to push a particular agenda. One thing I want to mention is my surprise at how philosophical counseling can really help in hard times involving grief, fear, and deep frustration. Our way of 'zooming out' in the conversation, and looking at crises from a big-picture perspective, has helped make some hard times much more manageable."                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -  M.V.

Professional headshots included in the website are taken by NYC photographer Rik Nagel

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