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Fall 2019 Workshop Series

What's Going On In Your Workplace?  Understanding Office Dynamics

Held at variable dates in November

In this workshop, we take a philosophical approach to understanding workplace dynamics and relationships.  We will talk about the role of hierarchical and/or egalitarian, competitive and/or collegial, dynamics in the workplace, and try to understand how these elements can be brought together and balanced in a way that best promotes a healthy growth context for all members.  We will engage with the lived experiences of workshop participants to further our practical and intuitive understanding of these issues.

Some of the questions we will be addressing are:

  • what are the features that uniquely characterize workplace power dynamics? 

  • how can we distinguish wholesome workplace dynamics from unwholesome ones?

  • what are the special responsibilities one has towards a boss, toward an employee, and toward a colleague?
  • what is the most constructive way to bring up a difficult issue with someone in the workplace?

Meeting time location: 450 Park Ave S., 8th floor, Room 8A.  See link below for more information.

Attendance fee: $25 per person. Limited to 12 participants.  Register HERE

Do You Love the Work You Do - and Can You Love it Better?

Workshop on Wednesday, November 27

In this workshop, we seek a philosophical understanding of the function of work in human life.  We will discuss the different attitudes that one can have towards work, including the difference between viewing work as an end in itself, on the one hand, and viewing work as a means to supporting a fulfilling private life, on the other.  We will ask what it means to view one's private life as it's own end or as instrumental to supporting one's work life.  Is it important to see each sphere as having its own integrity, and what are the proper boundaries between these spheres?  We will be engaging with the lived experiences of workshop participants in order to understand these issues in a practical and intuitive way.

Some of the questions we will be addressing are:

  • what does it mean to bring your full being, including your creativity, authenticity, and agency, to the work you do?
  • is it idealistic to aim to "do what you love, and love what you do"? 

  • must work be an end in itself, or might it simply be a means to support a fulfilling private life?

  • what are the necessary boundaries between work life and private life?

Meeting time and location: 6pm - 8pm on Wed., November 27 @ 450 Park Ave S., 8th floor, Room 8A.

Attendance fee: $25 per person.  Limited to 12 participants. 

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