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"Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


What does eudaimon mean?


The word eudaimon is an ancient Greek one and has two parts: εὖ + δαίμον.   Εὖ means “good” and δαίμον means "divinity" or “spirit”.  The word eudaimon was used by Aristotle to describe a person who had attained the truest kind of happiness -- one that did not rely on wealth or physical pleasure, but on the rational, virtuous activity of the soul.  


Eudaimon Counseling is the name of my philosophical counseling practice.   My practice provides a setting for you to explore the issues of meaning and purpose that are at the center of whatever challenges you may be facing.  As counselor, my role is to help you ask the questions that will bring you closer to your own sense of direction. 


I believe that most forms of distress people experience are not mainly the result of hormonal imbalances or even of past traumatic experience, but rather of neglecting to insulate oneself from the unstable external world through a determined focus on one's own sense of meaning, value, and purpose.   


If you want to get actively involved in this work together with me, I invite you to contact me by filling out the form below.



I was born and raised in Athens, Greece.  However, I went to an American school and, at 18, then crossed the Atlantic to go to a college in Connecticut, in the U.S.A.  In college, I first developed a love of ancient philosophy and political philosophy and was able to build friendships with others around these interests.  After college, I worked briefly in New York and then traveled to the Middle East to learn Arabic, before returning for graduate studies in political philosophy in Chicago.

My graduate studies were rewarding but several years of over-work on my part led to intense health issues and difficulty cultivating enjoyable relationships with others in that setting.  I reached PhD candidacy in 2016 but never completed my degree.  It was only after withdrawing from academia and coming to focus more on questions having to do with spirituality and life-purpose that I began to heal.  I believe that spirituality and philosophy are most healing when united in the same practice or quest.

I became a certified member of the American Philosophical Practitioners' Association in 2018, and initiated my professional practice in New York City in 2019.  My practice focuses on helping individuals find a way forward through the challenges or impasses they are faced with by consulting their own inner wisdom and compass.  I am particularly focused on helping people who are wrestling with burnout or with difficulty and/or conflict in their relationships with others (about which this website will include more discussions soon!) but I am above all open to conversation with anyone who is in search of greater fulfillment and meaning. 


  • University of Chicago, M.A., 2010

  • University of Chicago, 2016, PhD Candidate

  • Certificate in Counseling from the American Philosophical Practitioners Association, 2018

  • Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Cornell University, 2019

  • 100+ hrs training in Conflict Mediation

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No problem is too small or too big to be the start of a philosophical conversation.  Contact me to book an appointment or simply to learn more.


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Agiou Trifonos 12, Kifissia, Athens, GR

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