"Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind."
Ralph Waldo Emerson 


What is Eudaimon Counseling?


The word eudaimon is an ancient Greek one and has two parts: eu + daimon.   Eu means “well” or “good” and daimon can be understood as “guardian spirit”.  The word eudaimon was used by certain Ancient Greek thinkers to refer to a person who had achieved the most fulfilling kind of happiness.  This was happiness that did not rely on wealth or physical pleasure, but came from being in harmony with one’s inner voice or spirit (or, metaphorically, conscience).  Aristotle thought that in all of our activities, we are really aspiring to this kind of happiness.


Eudaimon Counseling LLC is the name of my philosophical counseling practice.   The goal of my practice is to help you ask the questions that will bring you closer to the voice or sense of direction within you.  Together, we will create a space in which you can examine the challenges you are now facing, which almost always involve uncertainties of a philosophical kind (for instance, what things will be essential to be my career?  or, what things will make my relationship fulfilling?), and arrive at stronger principles to guide you through these challenges, and into a way of being in the world that is clearer, more joyful, and more enriched with meaning.


Most forms of distress that people experience are not results of poor mental health, but rather of not having enough focus on the questions of meaning and value that come up in their experiences.  Together we can look at the problems that are coming up for you, uncover the questions that lie behind these, and consult the inner voice inside of you that can lead you to step more surely towards a  purposeful and eudaimonic way of being.




I was born and raised in Athens, Greece.  At 18, I crossed the Atlantic and came to Yale University; there, I first developed a love of political philosophy, and especially of the ancient Greek philosophers.  After college, I eventually found my way back to the university, entering a PhD program at the University of Chicago, where I subsequently gained experience as a Lecturer and Thesis Adviser in the college.  I was certified as a Counselor by the American Philosophical Practitioners' Association in 2018, and started my philosophical counseling practice in New York City in 2019.  

In my practice of philosophical counseling, I focus primarily on helping individuals who are facing motivational fatigue, existential awkwardness, or conflict with others, to find and affirm their own individuality in the world, and to see the meaning, value and beauty in their life experiences.

In the corona-times and until my next update, I am counseling online from Athens, Greece.

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  • Yale University, B.A., 2006

  • University of Chicago, M.A., 2010

  • University of Chicago, 2016, PhD Candidate

  • Certificate in Counseling from the American Philosophical Practitioners Association, 2018

  • Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Cornell University, 2019

  • 100+ hrs training in Conflict Mediation


Motivational fatigue: When someone finds that their sense of motivation does not give them enough energy to fulfill the duties that their professional work or other commitments require of them.

Existential awkwardness:  When someone senses that there is something about them that is "not quite fitted to the world," as though living in the world requires them to speak a non-native language.

Conflict with others:  When someone finds that they have continued disagreements or problems relating to others with whom they need to make joint decisions.



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No problem is too small or too big to be the start of a philosophical conversation.  Contact me to book an appointment or if you want to learn more about my practice.



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